Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day Six: What's Behind Door Number Two?!?...

...or in our case, what's behind the plastic "tile" sheeting? Hoo boy.

We did not work on the house yesterday - between work work schedules and our Birth Preparedness Class ('cause you can be soooooo prepared for birth...) we didn't get to play on our fantabulous project. The foundation contractors continue to plug along, adding in retaining walls and getting ready to pour our future back patio on Friday. It's looking good!

Today, however, we were back at it!

I made the mistake of thinking that I would get tons of work done this afternoon, following my morning prenatal yoga class. Ha. Yes. Didn't happen. First, it was OVER 90 DEGREES. AGAIN. This is *NOT* ok with me. At all. Second, I was already pooped by the time I got up to the house. And third, I was slightly creeped out by the locksmith replacing our knobs and deadbolts for three hours while I tried to focus on bathroom demolition. He did a fantastic job, and really was quite a nice guy, but there is something unsettling for me about being alone in the house with contractors of any type. I really appreciate the fact that our great foundation guys always ask me to join them outside if they need to discuss something. I'm sure that the whole pregnancy thing is playing a large part in my feelings of anxiousness and vulnerability. I've also found myself rather nervous when working at the house by myself... The extra 45 pounds and diminished ability to run like hell starts to seriously effect one's feelings of safety.

In any event, the guy did a great job reinforcing the overly-hollowed-out door knob openings, adding metal plates and refitting the non-knobed door so that it locks on the top and bottom. We said "buh bye" to the scary fire hazard lock thing on the back door (that needed the key in it at all times so that you could open it.) I love the antique bronze handles - even though they aren't true black - and think that they will look great with the eventual color scheme changes.

Thankfully I was able to soak and scrape off most of the wallpaper remnants in the bathroom - hopefully the walls will only need a light sanding before priming and painting. Matt continued to add outlets and switches and wires and boxes and all sorts of fun electrical stuff in the bedroom and kid room. Did I mention how much I love being married to such a handy stud?

I tried to get sandwiches for our dinner at New Leaf, but, of course, today was their employee appreciation night. The one night of the year that they close early. Figures. So instead I trotted down to the Taqueria (in 91 degree heat) and picked up a few burritos. I will definitely be back, as that place has GREAT AIR CONDITIONING! Ha. It's the simple things in life! Dinner out on the porch again, enjoying the slightly cooling evening and relative quiet of our property.

Which leads us to the main event of the evening: DEMO ROUNDUP!

We couldn't wait anymore - the bathroom "tile" had to go. After a bit of quibbling over demo technique, Matt decided to use his favorite method - *grab and yank*. It worked rather well when combined with my *carefully use the proper tools to loosen the edges* method. Unfortunately our original plan to remove and use the pine paneling behind the tile for future repair or patch jobs was dashed as soon as the sheeting came loose... Giant swaths of tar-like sealant mar almost the entire area of panelling. We may have to tile further out than previously planned... But in the general scheme of things, this is NOT a big deal. Thankfully we were too tired at this point to really care! Wahoo.

Packed up, locked up, shoved off and came down to the 20 degree cooler house by the ocean.

Poop. I'm in trouble if this heat keeps up...

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