Monday, August 17, 2009

Day Eight: Why is a visit from the cement truck as exciting as Christmas to me???

Today was CONCRETE DAY!!!!!!! That’s right, folks, we (hired professionals who) poured nine yards of concrete on our property today… I had been looking forward to this as we saw the formboards take shape, but I was really giddy to see the actual truck, pumps and workers who transformed the broken slab blight at the back of the house into an amazing new patio that overlooks the river. They also shored up two new retaining walls, filled walkway cracks and reinforced the back corner of the house foundation (where the previous owners had oh-so-brilliantly dug out the supporting soil to make more room for storage. Good grief.)

This marked a big day for us, as these two problems (foundation and back concrete slab) were probably the biggest factors that allowed us to bid on and purchase this property. Others might have been scared off by the prospect of the house sliding down the steep slope, but not us!!! Problem solved… and we still have money to fix the roof!

The main worker bee pouring and spreading the concrete was a gentleman named Jon – with a giant rose tattoo on the back of his shaved head (to go with the giant old-English script of his last name across his back, and a myriad of other such tats.) This guy was *busting* his butt while others looked on… I felt guilty for not jumping in with a pair of boots to help spread the muck evenly. In between pours we had a lovely conversation about the property, the upcoming arrival of our daughter, the state of the health care system and the latest books we’ve read. He was unbelievably polite – a statement that has been true of the entire foundation team. We’ve really lucked out on this contractor! He even left a designated space for me to doodle in the drying concrete – and provided a really long nail for my etchings.

Mom and Dad tirelessly painted in the kitchen and both bedrooms. We all took occasional breaks to watch the concrete progress – can you tell how much I loved watching the concrete day?!? ;o) Jon came down from Humboldt to help out – we went back to the SC house to dig out some of my favorite plants for transplant. It was pretty hard work and I think I may have overdone it a bit… but the plants are ready to join their new bedmates in the mountains! I am anxious to see what does well in the new climate… Will the salvia collection thrive? How about the native grasses? The herbs? What will the gophers eat first? Only thyme will tell… (Oh wow, so bad…)

We all trotted off to Taco Bell for a gourmet dinner in our grungy clothes, covered in paint splatter and sawdust. I am thrilled beyond belief that we will soon welcome our daughter in to the world… but as we race to fix up our house and move in by the end of the month, I find myself wishing I could take her off for small stretches of time to get more done. Ah well, at least we always know where she is at this stage in the game!

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