Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day Four: I Love Wallpaper...

...but I love it even more when it comes off the wall in nice, easy, wide swaths. Our bathroom? Not so nice, easy or wide.

I spent Monday holed up in the tiny bathroom that will become grand central in a few weeks, starting the demolition process that I have dreamed of since I first laid eyes on its rather gross interior. Think plastic "tile" sheeting, mismatched vanity and mirror, random universal handgrips in every direction, 3/4 sized tub with tile border that overhangs the tub edge by a good half inch, wallpaper so horrid it is guaranteed to cure you of your hiccups at first glance... But other than that... Oh, and a window that opens out to the enclosed porch room. Lovely.

When I pulled the vanity off the wall, two condoms fell out of their high hiding place, making me wonder just who was getting some in our house lately... since the previous owner passed away in 2007... at the age of 98... Hmmm... The step-grandson, the almost-20 son of our neighbor, perhaps? Eeeewwwww....

Matt cut off and capped the shower pipes on Sunday (I married a total stud muffin...), so we will be ready to do even more intensive demo work on the bath when someone who can actually lift a crowbar is around. I'm trying not to overdo it, but it is so hard to look around the house and helplessly count the unending projects that I would *really* love to have finished or at least started by the time we move in... The bathroom is DEFINITELY near the top of that list!

The foundation crew continues to build retaining walls, pour concrete posts, reinforce the perimeter and prep for the BIG POUR coming up on Friday... That's right folks - a massive load of cement is coming our way at the end of this week! Stay tuned for pics... Maybe we will write our names in the slab!!! "Sara was here." So original.

We did not make it up to the house this evening, as it was the return of our small group after a lovely summer break. It was great to get caught up on what has been happening for each family (...and there is altogether-too-much going on...) and to have a little break from the stress of the house. But I found myself making lists in my head as I was munching on Cassy's delicious chocolate chip bundt cake (OMG...), contemplating kitchen skylights as I tried to focus on what each couple had been up to over the past month, even mentally running through painting technique pros and cons as we talked about how excited we are for our daughter to arrive in the next six or so weeks. Does this make me a bad person? Or just a really focused remodeler? In my current state of "preggo-brain" I seem to only be capable of contemplating one topic at any given time... Lately it seems that the old adage is true: The house always wins.

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Jon O said...

I can swing a crow bar. But I'm uncontrollable.
:) glad things continue to progress and, yes, matt is a handy dude to have around.