Sunday, August 31, 2008

The JOY of a good knife...

Really, truly, I can think of nothing better in the kitchen for a passionate cook than a darn good knife. And thanks to one of the generous gifters at our wedding, we happen to own such a knife. I love it. A whole bunch. Heaps. Megatons. REALLY.

There is something so satisfying about effortlessly slicing through lettuce, tomatoes, apples, chard, bread (well, really anything, come to think of it...)

Just had to share.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eating with the Season

Each Wednesday, Matt dutifully picks up our farm share from a designated CSA (community supported agriculture) site. Each week brings a bountiful new allotment of both familiar and completely unknown produce for our consumption. I will confess, we do not eat the eggplants... (and in the beginning, we were horrible about finishing our shares and sent almost half to the compost pile... Eeek!) BUT we are getting better each week, and as we consume more fresh, local, organic and super-yummy veggies and fruits, I feel a bit more grounded; connected to the local economy, to the harvest, to the seasons, to the earth... It is one of the richest feelings on earth, second to grace and third to love.
My current mantra comes courtesy of fabulous author and advocate Michael Pollan: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Sounds like a recipe for happy fields, happy planet and happy tummy...

Monday, August 11, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Sara

My best friend and PLP (platonic life partner) is moving to Atlanta, Georgia, in 11 days. She and her husband are bravely selling all their furniture, kitchen doo-dads, boxes of books, clothes that haven't been worn lately [you know how you are always wanting to clean out the closets and get rid of the junk you are holding on to from HIGH SCHOOL but can never quite get around to it? They are DOING IT!] and all sorts of STUFF that we all find quite helpful and lovely and wonderful to have around... but is not special enough to take precious cargo space in their cars as they DRIVE to their new home. (Wow that was a long sentence.) While I am extremely excited for them as they shove off on this adventure, I am also... damn sad. And that is just what I wrote as there are no words to describe what I am feeling. I am zooming back and forth in my mind, remembering every fun (and not-so-fun) moment, class, brunch out, shopping trip, cabin weekend, snow experience, late night therapy-style ass-kicking conversations, weddings, new nieces and nephews, growing up, new cars, sibling moments, mom moments, road trips and hours of content silence in each other's company.

Jen is the kind of person who makes your day better simply by asking how you are feeling. She is the most naturally gifted counselor that I know - not just in profession, but in her countenance, presence, intuition, wisdom and conversation. It is a GREAT thing that she is moving to eventually go to grad school - the world will be exponentially better off for it - but still, Atlanta?!? The South? Where you put on pearls to go to the local football games??? ;o)

I know she and her wonderful husband will be only a Skype video call away, but really is that the same as being able to drop everything and drive down when a much loved pet dies or a heinous break-up happens (although that's not going to happen again for either of us...)??? There is something reassuring about knowing that, whatever happens, the person who understands you best is less than an hour away. I know this is a selfish way to look at it, but I am feeling slightly childish and petty and thus here we are. At least we had good cupcakes for their going-away party this weekend...

So, here's to:

- lina
- counseling psych
- mimosas to get us through each graduation...
- singing the Beatles in three part harmony
- shoe shopping until we both want to die
- bunny's discounts
- the halloween of gangster and "his" moll
- a billion break-ups (me) and two weddings (each of us...)
- hair color experimentation
- bringing your first snow to you in the back of a truck
- cafe brasil
- getting the carpool permit my junior year
- each finding the perfect wedding dresses together
- praying that flight deals will magically appear
- AND unconditional love.