Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day Three: Warning - Do Not Paint Inside an Oven...

Ahhh, lazy Sundays. A day for church, for brunch out, for lounging about in the warm sun while cool breezes rustle the pages of your book...
But not for us!

We played hookie from church and set out to gather supplies at the Depot of Homes and the Space of the Green, meeting up at the new casa just in time to welcome back my parents for another fun-filled day of renovations and demolition. (And kleenex - Mom's sniffle had transformed into a full blown nasty cold. Ugh.)

It was 84 degrees at 10am, mercury steadily rising... I don't know about y'all, but I do *NOT* do heat gracefully. When Matt came back from an errand in the afternoon and cheerfully shared that it was 97 degrees, I just about had a heart attack.

Matt: "It's 97 degrees outside!"
Me: "Don't tell me that! Geesh! Ack! I'm melting!"
Matt: "What? I thought it would make you feel better to know that it actually is really hot and that it isn't just you suffering in the 80's or something..."

It can NOT be that hot up here on another work day, or we all just might melt and die.

I must admit that the milk paint is not going according to plan... Instead of gliding effortlessly over the pine paneling, creating an artistic whitewashed effect, it is glopping (perhaps the heat had something to do with this...) and not covering very well. Some of the wood panels are warped, making roller application rather difficult (and less than attractive.) The wood is causing the paint to yellow in some areas, creating a very sallow wall color.

(But it will be great! Yes! The power of positive thinking!)

Dad continued to plug away at the kitchen, sanding and priming most of the walls and ceiling despite the uncooperative nature of the paint in the extreme heat... (and that room gets HOT in the afternoon... HELP!) Mom gamely went back and forth between projects, taking her kleenex and iced tea wherever she landed.

Matt continued to kick ass in his quest to rewire the house. Methinks perhaps he had the best job location of us all on Sunday - under the house was actually cooler than outside or up inside. We did our standard two person electrical show: I bang on a stud to let him know where to drill, he puts holes in the house and shoves wire thru... I am pleased to report a 100% accuracy on Matt's drilling for Sunday. Don't ask about Saturday. Remember the pine paneling downsides in regards to hiding holes? Yeah...

After much sanding, prepping, taping, priming, painting, drilling, wiring and oh-so-much more, we were ready for BBQ time.


Those of you who know me might think it a tad strange that I would willingly remove any live plant from my gardenspace... but this thing HAD to go. There was a rather hopeless fir tree in front of our house that looked as though someone had planted their live Christmas tree a while back... after little Timmy broke off the top of the tree while trying to put the angel on straight! It needed to be gone. Immediately. Dad brought their chainsaw over and HANDED IT TO MY HUSBAND. OMG. Heart attack number two of the day. But in all fairness, Matt did a great job taking the tree down (and even wore safety glasses while using the chainsaw! Shocker!)

The lot looks even better with the fir tree gone... but we'll have to figure out what to do with the stump remnant. Perhaps when Matt and his brother have their digging party to replace the plumbing main they can also turn their excavating efforts towards the root ball...

We enjoyed our first cooked meal at the house (thanks mom and dad) and ate our BBQ on the porch steps. I have a feeling that those steps will see quite a bit of sitting over the years - such an awesome place to perch and observe the property! We didn't die in the heat (although I feared we might at times...) and are only a few days behind schedule in my preconceived notion of how much work we would accomplish in the first weekend... Ah well. Onward!

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Jon O said...

Great progress. Looking forward to the transformation. and I know your electrician will do good work!