Monday, August 17, 2009

Day Nine: This is all becoming a blur…

The problem with working on many projects at once with a tight timeline and limited resources is that not everything will be properly documented for posterity… Ack!

Matt had to work again so Jon and I made our way up to the house (stopping for a delicious Peet’s along the way…) and found Mom and Dad already WAAAY too hard at work. (Their work ethic is legendary…) We had a brief meeting to discuss what we would be working on for the morning then got to it! They had already started taking up the carpet in the nursery, and… TADA! Another home run! We are really lucking out on these floors! One more to go… fingers crossed that the master bedroom’s floor isn’t covered in bloodstains or mold or scratched in hate symbols…

After much effort, deliberation, crying, frustration, screaming and mixing, I came to the conclusion yesterday that white milk paint on pine paneling is NOT GOING TO WORK. *sob* So we grabbed the zero-VOC primer and started in on yet another coat of paint in that dang room. Which smells. We left the primer to dry, hoping that the stain blockers would do their magic and eliminate the yellowing from the tannins in the untreated wood. When we came back today, it was clear that another coat of primer will be essential. I trotted down to the local hardware and paint store and was INCREDIBLY pleased to find that it is the quintessential small mountain town store – a bit of everything, and everything in bits. I love it! I had a camouflage key copy made for Matt, and a zebra print version for my own key ring. I picked up another gallon of VOC-free primer and a gallon of preggo-friendly white paint for the top coat: Pittsburgh Paints Delicate White, or something like that. The second coat of primer was applied and the timer set for the hour delay recommended between primer and paint.

We also assessed that the kitchen will need another layer of primer before we can put the final paint on the walls – even with a “killer” (and very toxic) primer, there was still tannin bleed. We had no idea that this would be such an involved painting undertaking!

Matt arrived (he worked a half day – yay!) and we all had lunch sitting around the kitchen in folding lawn chairs. That room gets pretty darn hot; we’re glad that we have skylights on order to help vent the back rooms and keep the kitchen as light and bright as possible.

After lunch, Jon played lumberjack with Matt’s sawzall – he cut down the half-fallen tree that was covered with vines and BLOCKING MY VIEW. How rude! It is amazing how much that dumb thing was blocking! The view is even more wonderful (if that is possible.)

Dad and Jon made a trailer run to the SC house to pick up the plants that were dug up yesterday. They also packed up our fire pit, patio table, bistro table and wood chairs, and the top half of my potting bench. I can’t wait to have the roof done and be able to start PLANTING! (‘tho I may need digging help… drat!)

Matt continues to rewire the house at breakneck speed, replacing and adding outlets in each room, mounting new light fixtures and generally being the world’s greatest stud muffin. I’m so lucky!

In the afternoon it was time to begin BATHROOM DEMOLITION DERBY! The original plan was to paint the pine paneling and add concrete board/wonderboard in front of the panels around the tub for tiling. This, apparently, will not work. ;o) Plan B is to remove all the paneling, insulate, sheetrock, paint, tile and grout. After seeing all that can go wrong when trying to paint those pine panels, Plan B is darn appealing. Plus… after seeing what was hiding *behind* the panels? Puke-a-rama… Mouse/rat nests, complete with fabulous animal piss odor. Bring on the bleach bombs, shop vac and new walls!

They guys are working hard to have the bathroom walls fully gutted for the plumber tomorrow – and working in a toxic waste site, I might add. By late afternoon the stench of rat piss was so heinous that I had every fan going in the bathroom and back areas to try to bring some relief to my poor dad, diligently removing each board by hand. He wins the smell-tolerance-of-the-year award!

We ended our wonderful day of work with a special dinner at the Boulder Creek Brewing Company. Nothing rewards a day of hard work like burgers and beer! The first day that Matt and I spent time together, we ran a trail race on Angel Island and came back for burgers and beer at the Seabright Brewery… starting a long tradition of many non-dates with turkey burgers, shared fries and a stout for Matt, water for me. The Boulder Creek Brewing Company was another site for our non-dates while Matt was living in Brookdale – it was great to share this delicious gem with my family! Judging from their reaction, methinks we will be using this local hot spot as a go-to for visiting friends and family. Wahoo!

As has become the norm, Matt and I ended our day at the Depot of Homes… again. “Stop taking our money, dangit!” ;o)

I’m really growing to hate that place…

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Jon O said...

Sara and I want to join you for a Burger and Beer at you're new local joint. Oh, yea, GREAT JOB TO YOU and THE FAMILY HELP...awesome job. and working so fast. Man oh man.