Thursday, December 18, 2008

Missing: Black Turtleneck. Reward!

This morning I had an 8am interview at a fantastic local organization. I found out about the opportunity yesterday at 3pm, so there wasn't much time to prepare - or to freak out. Yip!

However, imagine my dismay this morning when I could not find my BLACK TURTLENECK SWEATER.


The most basic and holy of wardrobe essentials, gone!??!? What the heck am I supposed to wear now? It's FREEZING!

I ended up layering other black sweaters with black trousers, heels and a beautiful crimson wrap, but still... not as good as the turtleneck. (sigh) I need a black turtleneck sweater - stat!

Here is a glimpse into the closet carnage that went along with the horrifying realization that I did NOT have the right black turtleneck sweater... I didn't even have the wrong turtleneck sweater! Geesh.

If you've seen my sweater, please tell him that I miss him very much and want him to come home. There's no need to stay away - I promise to wear him more! It is winter, after all...


Michelle said...

It's interesting that your turtleneck is a "him." If I find "him," I will probably want to keep "him" for myself, as I am also on the lookout for the perfect black turtleneck sweater...I'll let you know!! ;-)

Michelle said...

BTW, what is the reward? You never said.

smalls said...

My neverending unconditional positive regard...

(But I got a new black turtleneck yesterday, as I realized that the other one was truly lost for good. So oh well...)

rosa said...

Reminds me of the scene in 'Clueless' when Cher is looking for her most responsible looking outfit to wear for her driver's test. (But don't worry, that's that's where the likeness ends!!)
I hope your crimson wrap does you proud.