Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Mr. Darcy...

Dear Pride & Prejudice,

I can hide it no longer. I am having an affair with North & South.
It started as an innocent friendship, but quickly developed into a full blown four hour a day torrid obsession.
You had been my only companion while sewing, crocheting, painting and crafting my way through 20 Christmas gifts. But I strayed. Don't blame Netflix - they only introduced us. They had no idea what would blossom.
You gave me Sir Lawrence Olivier, David Rintoul, Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen. But she gave me Richard Armitage.
You will always be my first true love. I hope that you will take me back with open arms when the Other must leave through the post. Until then, I must admit, Mr. Thornton's cravat has me in a tizzy.

(I have an unnatural obsession with men in 19th century period costume...)


Michelle said...

You're so funny. ;-)

rosa said...

I saw that you had the continuind adventures of darcy and elizabeth-i have a different thing that is of the same ilk, wanna swap? i also have the making of the a&e PP book, with an interview with colin in the back......just what is it about cravats anyway?