Monday, August 10, 2009

Day One... Searching for Bloodstains always the hardest.

We got the keys to our new home on Thursday and took possession on Friday. After all the crazy setbacks, problems, breaches of national security, wrong turns and disappointments, I fully expected the car carrying our title papers to be hit by a semi on the way to the county recorder office, burst in to flames and further delay our close of escrow. In fact, I was *very* surprised when our FABULOUS realtor, Caren, called early Friday morning to say that the house was ours.

Caren: "Congratulations!"
Me: (to self: "Good Lord, what have we done!?!?!?!")

Matt and I met up at the house after work on Friday with a picnic dinner in tow, anxious to see what lay under the carpets. For weeks I had the same dream: we pull up the carpet in the front room and expose a blood stain the size of a small car. Pregnancy hormones or too much CSI? I can't tell... Carpets were ripped, breath was held, and VOILA! They are gorgeous! No blood! Not even a single chalk body outline! Old fir floors, excellent condition, waiting for us to rediscover them... Come to mama! Matt began the fabulous process of rewiring the whole house while I started ripping out old wallpaper and backing board in the kitchen.

Did I mention that the whole house is (uninsulated) original knotty pine paneling?

Oh yes!

The upside: AMAZING wood walls, perfect for oh-so-many different styles of cottage or bungalow refinishing.

The downside: no insulation. No mistakes allowed when cutting a hole for electrical boxes or new faucets. No hiding the past mistakes (and holes) left by previous owners' attempts to add new light fixtures or faucets. Paralyzing fear when starting to paint over the previously plain wood surface, even when I am absolutely, completely, fully 100% positive that the house is too dark, dated and "cabin-y" with the pine paneling as-is...

We ate our first dinner out on the small porch, homemade sandwiches, salt and vinegar kettle chips and a bottle of sparkling apple cider. The good life. Our new life. Starting our new home.

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Jon Olson said...

CONGRATS!!!!! So excited on you're undertaking and looking forward to seeing those floors.