Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So, you want to open an Etsy shop? Ack!!!

The newest addition to my line of fun stuff... (I just LOVE this fabric! And you'll never guess who makes it!)

And, of course, what bag is complete without a custom matching piece of flair?!?! A whimsical flower pin with deconstructed edges and thread accents rounds this piece out quite nicely, if I may say so myself(!)...

I would love to open an Etsy shop and offer custom handbags, knits, jewelry and refinished furniture, but haven't the faintest idea where to start... A million questions come to mind:


Item names?


How to best do made-to-order items?

...and most importantly... what to call my shop/enterprise???

I have a few names that I'm kicking around, but please feel free to offer your two cents... or ten cents... or a dollar...

And, as always, keep in mind that this and any other item you see on this blog is available for purchase either in the colors shown or in any custom combination of fabrics/yarns/materials. Grazie!


Michelle said...

I know a girl who has an etsy shop; She sells jewelry that she makes. Do you want to talk to her? I'm sure that she could be a fantastic reference for you. I'll ask her to read your post, okay?

sharmadesigns said...

Ha ha I'm the Etsy girl! I will try to help you out! You know first you should look on Etsy's website They have tons and tons of articles that are really helpful about pricing and descriptions and pictures. Feel free to email me with any questions!! sharmadesigns @

Jon Olson said...

Sharmadesigns said it best, as the etsy website is pretty helpful in completing the setup. They even give the format sizes for images to use as banners for your page. good luck. pricing - review similar products but also factor in fabric quality and the value of your time. with good word of mouth, you can sell at prices higher than you might expect.

Jon Olson said...

The above is from the etsy blog on how to tag your items so people could find them. might be informative.


smalls said...

Awwww, y'all are so good to take care of me!

I actually spent two hours today reading the ENTIRE T&C, how-to, guidelines, etc... on their site. I'm READY TO GO! ;o)

(I even bought heavyweight fusible interfacing to celebrate. Woo! I'm such a partier!...)

rosa said...

be sure to let me know when/where your etsy site debuts so's I can fave it. te amo etsy!