Thursday, December 11, 2008


Patience is a virtue... unless you are a parent or child care provider. Then it is a necessity if you value your sanity.

Feeding a ten month old is hilarious, frustrating, painstaking and deliberate, all at the same time. With a vocabulary of approximately two words and four other random syllables, getting a clear message across to me when it comes to "food time" involves face-puckering, slapping the spoon out of my hand, pushing any incoming utensils or bite-sized pieces as far away from the mouth as possible (including on to the floor for their 13 year old weimaraner,) covering her mouth with both hands (really cute) or HUGE entire-body-shaking-giggle-infested-wide-eyed-hand-clapping-joyfests when I actually get it right. (Again, REALLY cute.)

If she feels particularly generous, her favorite word will be pulled out in conjunction with these jumping bean joyfests:



This means, in infantspeak, "hooboy! she gets it! finally! geesh!" Riley's favorite thing on the planet, besides her wonderful and uber-rad-loving parents, is their dog Monte. Dang is he ever patient with that kid! They are pretty adorable together - but that's another story altogether...

Today I discovered the power of pomegranate seeds. OMG. "DOGDOGDOG!" I was afraid the highchair would crash over from her enthusiastic jumping bean moves! Thankfully all was safe in the land of Oz and we both had giant grins plastered over our faces - thanks to the fruit of the dead.

Oh, how I love red.

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