Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Shall Hereforth Be December 27th

Does anyone else find it slightly INSANE that we shop, wrap, decorate, bake, sweat, bleed and swear for weeks and weeks and weeks at FULL price just to have everything be 90% off the next day?!?!?

I was at Chez Target today (we needed plastic baggies and cat litter: how glamorous...) All of their Christmas shwag is 50% off. The clearance racks are bursting with 30 - 75% off joy. Mervyn's is closing its doors for good tomorrow - everything in the store is 90% off. (I wasn't strong enough to brave that chaos after wandering aimlessly through Target for three hours, trying to figure out where they have moved everything to post-remodel...) Even our local crafting store, Beverly's, has a one day sale today with ALL Christmas goodies 90% off. OldNavy/Gap/JCrew/LLBean/KodakGallery - all have MAJOR sales going off like firecrackers in stores and online.

90% off. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?! 9-0! OMG, dude!

Our economy is in the tank, I'm jobless, Matt's company has already laid off half its workforce... So why couldn't we all just wait until today to "deck the halls" with toys and candy? (Is See's having a sale? I'm so there...) Would it really kill us to wait a few extra days if it meant that we could be slightly more fiscally responsible? Or is their a deeper message to ponder here?

"What does this all mean???" That we don't really need that crap that we're scooping up "since it is 90% off, after all!" ...or that companies have over-stocked? ...or that our consumer-driven endless-supply-needed culture is, perhaps, in need of such a ginormous wake-up call as a "great" depression?

Too much to ponder with a Target-sucked-brain. At least the horrific Christmas muzack has stopped... replaced with love songs and Valentine's Day decor. Good grief.

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Jon Olson said...

Completely agree. We should just enjoy the day with family or friends or both and then go shopping the next day. The stores were light on help though. Was at Circuit City on Friday and they had 1 guy that was actually helping people in the TV section. Not that I could pull the trigger and buy a new tv. but still 1 guy. I feel your 90% off pain.